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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter Dorge Start date Oct 27, Dorge Well-Known Member. Joined Apr 1, Messages High Portability Firenock will also offer the Aerovane Jig in 2 a complete package.

These full protection carrying case allows archer to travel to the remotest places, but still have the ability to fletch arrows as if he was back at home. For those that want to travel light, the jig can easily separate from the neck with the twist of a knob. Joined Dec 16, Messages Hi Dorge, Just as a comment for our other readers that may not know as much as some of us that have doing arrow making and re-fletching for over 40 years, this is an unbelievable jig that represents the Rolls Royce of arrow jigs.

The price is also great when you consider that Super 91 and I both have this jig except we don't have the laser capability with our. It cost us about double what you're selling them for, since we had ours sent out and done privately by a machine shop almost a year ago.Showing Slide 1 of 2 - Carousel.

Brand New. See compact water level on youtube just input " firenock jig ".

firenock fletching jig

Aerovane precision compact water level is the perfect tool to check arrow level while gluing. It will fit most arrow sizes and can hang on left or right side of arrow. It is installed with 4 ball bearings for smooth operation and has built-in brass weight to locate balance point fast and easy without wobble.

Machined cut main body installed with extra large angled ball bearings for smooth operation Large counter balance brass knob to find balance point easily Shouldered brass screw for precision and smooth operation Retractable counter balance bass knob system for compact and easy carry. Photos shown the water level viewed at different angles, arrow and Aerovane Jig shown in photo are not included. Features: Machined cut main body installed with extra large angled ball bearings for smooth operation Large counter balance brass knob to find balance point easily Shouldered brass screw for precision and smooth operation Retractable counter balance bass knob system for compact and easy carry Contents: 1 Firenock precision compact water level Photos shown the water level viewed at different angles, arrow and Aerovane Jig shown in photo are not included.Posted by Rich Walton Feb 27, The incredibly precise and accurate Aerovane fletching jig is a remarkable unit that is CNC machined from high grade aluminum, brass and stainless steel and held to the absolute closest tolerances.

The Aerovane is designed to work with most clamps available today, that utilize a standard magnetic holding system for helical and straight systems.

Firenock Aerovane Jig: How to Fletch and Re-fletch (2012)

The accessories are all precision made and include Stainless Steel Clamp, Laser Alignment Module, four-axis adjustable neck and interchangeable chuck and hook system for fletching all sizes of shafts. The jig and accessories are all sold separately however there is also a kit available that includes three sets of chucks, laser alignment module, jig base, the adjustable four-axis neck and 3 clamps. The matched support hook also features 2 ball bearings which allowing the arrow to be fully supported for smooth operation.

To further secure the arrow shaft in place, the Aerovane Jig utilizes a triple O-rings plus a special wedge design to ensure perfect arrow holding while fletching. The duel magnet design also allows precision angle adjustment. Each magnet is supported by independent 1mm per turn brass machine screw that can be tightened by hand for fine adjustment and then locked down using an Allen key.

The Aerovane Fletching Jig also features 4 interchangeable chucks and hooks that assist in obtaining perfect arrow alignment on the jig. The interchangeable chuck sets are machine tapered to provide zero play. The ball bearing arrow support hooks are color-coded to match with same color-coded size of Firenock Extreme shock end caps for easy size identifications. Picture below shows the 3 fix sizes chuck in gold for 0. The fix size chucks are made stainless with 3 set of O-ring for perfect alignment and solid grabbing of arrows.

For those who wanted maximum flexibility an adjustable chuck and hook system which will be available as an option to cover 0. The Aerovane Clamp: The Aerovane clamp is precision made of die cast then machined stainless steel with a straightness up to 0. The pivot point utilizes a zirconium ceramic ball bearing for smoothness, durability and resistance to moisture rust.

The extra thick spring system with self alignment capability on any vane provides a consistent hold regardless of the vane. In addition, while Firenock does not make a helical clamp specific to the Aerovane Jig it is compatible with most magnetic base clamps including Bitzenburger, Grayling, Martin and others. Perfect fletching: The Aerovane Laser Alignment modules were developed to make refletching a single vane with perfect alignment simple and fool-proof.

This high power mm laser with 75 degree thin spread optics is made to produce a thin width line laser up to mm long. The difference of the 2 laser modules are the optics that each uses. The high precision 3 lens optics system has a final line with of 0. The Aerovane Laser modules are mounted approx. The Laser line spans from the base of the clamp alignment line to the valley of the hook set at the top of the jig.

With the Laser Alignment tools, one can achieve exact, precise alignment from a perfect center line.Posted by Bowhunting. Net May 1, Aside from a double engineering degree, Dorge has had extensive direct experience in a number of technically related fields. Needless to say, he researches everything to an exhaustive degree. As such, his information is his attempt to actually simplify a small part of what he has learned or already knows. One in particular is the margin of error within the Bitzenburger Fletching Jig.

I had never paid a great deal of attention to how much deviation or movement these jigs had and always assumed them to be fairly accurate with the selected indexing. Boy was I wrong! Recently, while producing the 60 x degree four fletches for the TAC arrow shafts, I began measuring and comparing these finished arrows and I was also checking to see if the 60 degree spacing was really 60 degrees, as well as verifying if the degree separation was in fact degrees.

Needless to say, I was very upset. I just learned an important lesson the hard way. The other big thing that I learned was in the bonding process of the Duravanes. Today, almost all manufactures are using Fletching jigs that are angled upward but the glues that are being used are liquid cyanoacrylate ester based glues. Most of these glues run like water, so an angled Jig is very difficult to use effectively without it running all over the arrow shaft and making a mess of a brand new arrow shaft.

The more important factor is that in order to achieve a vane to shaft bond that is capable of withstanding a few thousand pounds of force can only be achieved with 40 or more foot pounds of evenly disbursed downward clamp pressure.

The Bitzenburger Jig does not apply even downward pressure along the length of its clamp and 40 lbs. The strongest bond between arrow shaft and vane is obtained with the thinnest coating of glue and the greatest amount of pressure applied evenly over the length of the vane. These bonds are so strong that the vane will rip or tear along their length long before the bond ever lets go.

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Dorge probably thinks I should work for him, but a good product is worth recognizing when it comes along, so for this one he gets a thumbs up. For more go to: Aerovane Fletching Jig. The original bowhunting blog. Online since Bowhunting and archery information, bowhunting blogs, articles, news, gear reviews, videos, podcasts and more.

How much? Why were they way off? Did you remove the nock set to measure the indents in the nock set? Were you using a loose nock? That would certainly cause it your degrees of separation to be erratic.

The TAC15 arrows have a relatively wide opening on there nocks to begin with. This can account for a small amount of variation on each rotation, in the area of 2 or 3 degrees. Each of the slight deviations cause variations for vane placement as a user rotates his placements around the arrow shaft.

Once any single vane is out of alignment the problem can throw off the other vane spacing on the shaft.If you are a casual recreational archer or bowhunter that prefers to purchase arrows pre-fletched and pre-cut, than please read the previous blog.

There I mentioned quite a bit that a hunter or target archer can do to ensure consistency in accuracy and repeatability from arrow to arrow that come pre-fletched and pre-cut from a retailer or online store.

Acquiring several tools, and a genuine desire to build this kind of consistency, is something that you must have in order to be successful in the art of arrow building. Any shortcuts that you take will ultimately result in some level of inconsistency. That statement is not meant to discourage you, but rather encourage you to strive for the highest level of perfection possible, with the best equipment possible.

Following that, there are some tools and product suggestions in those categories that you can reference as you read through my building process. All of the advice I put into these blogs and articles is a culmination of learning through experience, picking up bits of information from other pros, and what has been taught to me by several mentors. Step-by-step, you will eliminate variables that are otherwise hidden in your arrow construction process. Start by determining your arrow length with the help of a friend or pro shop.

Start by placing your arrow on the spinning wheels as centered up as possible. Spin the arrow on the arrow spinner and observe both ends of the arrow. For those that choose to shoot these arrows, follow the manufacturers guidelines for cutting the arrows to length and then continue with this process.

By performing this step, you will be decreasing the advertised tolerances of the specific model and brand of arrow you choose. In many cases, companies offer the exact same arrow in two different price points with the only difference being that the tolerances from one arrow to the next, are larger than that of a higher priced arrow model.

firenock fletching jig

To minimize the variance a blade can have on a cut when spinning at high speeds, you also want to set the depth of the cutting guard correctly. This is usually done with a simple turn of a thumb screw or hex wrench.

The depth of the blade should be just slightly deeper than the wall of the arrow. This will help you get a clean square cut. When you approach the blade with the arrow, you should rotate the arrow as it hits the blade surface and apply light pressure as you rotate the arrow and the blade penetrates the wall.

One of the biggest mistakes I see archers make is making the depth of the the blade too deep. Besides potentially breaking the blade, you also risk a cut that will take quite a bit of work to square up. But the back end of the arrow is especially critical to any archer.

These devices are one of the most important tools you should have as an arrow builder. In both of the devices, the arrow is butted up to the end of a surface that is perpendicular to the arrow. If you are going to be using inserts or nock adapters, I strongly suggest after installation of those, that you repeat this process before installing broad heads or nocks.

You can also check for squareness by spinning the arrow on the arrow spinner. Clean the shafts inside of the shafts with your cleaner of choice, I generally use Acetone, but alcohol can be very effective as well, just be careful to keep plastic components, like nocks, away from many of these cleaners as they can weaken the nocks.

You can use a Q-Tip dipped into the cleaning agent to clean the inside of the shaft. This ensures a good bond between the components and the inside of the shaft. Install your nock bushings, adapters, or pin nocks using a low temperature hot melt adhesive. There are a couple things to be aware of here.

You should be able to apply the hot melt to the component while holding the component with your fingers. I would also advise not using a cyanoacrylate superglue or any other quick drying adhesive. Adhesives like superglues, when dry, harden and can cause inconsistencies in the way the bushing sits in the shaft during use.

Generally, cracking occurs from other arrows impacting the back or sides of the arrow. You also have to deal with the threat of the glue drying too fast during assembly, such that the component is not fully seated. The components of the arrow are one of the most critical parts of the arrow assembly and care should be taken to make sure they are installed correctly.

Since they also take a lot of damage from other arrows, you may need to change them out later for new ones, another advantage to using a hot melt adhesive. Before inserting your points or inserts, you should also weigh your arrows at this point using a grain scale.A fletching jig is a tool that is used to put the feathers on an arrow in the correct way so the arrow flies straight.

We make just one tool and the accessories that go with it. S erious archers know that the Bitzenburger jig is the highest quality jig made out of zinc alloy, with the longest history and best reputation. The Bitzenburger fletching jig is made of long-lasting zinc die cast alloy. Its superior quality makes it the only jig you will ever need to buy. Large dials at the top and bottom of the magnet holder make it easy to adjust the angle of your fletching within seconds.

firenock fletching jig

You have the option of a straight, offset or true right or left helical. The clamp is held at a 45 degrees angle so you will have a clear view of the fletching at all times. This is a very important feature as it will accept and center any size shaft available today. This allows you to create an array of arrows for any type of shooting. The strong permanent horseshoe magnet allows for a very precise and uniform placement of all feathers and vanes.

All of the many patented functional features work in unison with this magnet. The magnet is the most expensive and important part of this tool.

Great care should be taken to protect it. A metal keeper or the clamp should be kept across the face of the magnet at all times. With just a slight screw adjustment you can vary the degrees of your feather spacing. Possible spacings include:. Optional nock receivers are available on any model to match your fletching and shooting style. Visit our page on Nock Receivers for more information and check out our video.

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Each and every Bitzenburger jig comes with a complete set of wrenches and instruction sheet. Download our operating instructions. For more discussion on which clamp to use watch our informative video. Recommended for target shooters.

Aerovane Fletching Jig

Includes standard nock receiver and straight clamp; used for straight, and right or left offset fletching. Preferred by the traditional shooter. Includes standard nock receiver and right helical clamp. For the crossbow enthusiast. Crossbows use different arrows than other archery equipment and therefore are designed differently. Find out more about this jig and clamp. Our Line of Jigs.Loved every minute of our time in Scotland.

We had no problems. We would definitely recommend them to any one going and wouldn't use another company ourselves to book a vacation with. I have already recommended Nordic Visitor to many friends who are interested. Thank you for the chance to visit your country.

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I have now been to thirty countries and rate this experience at the top. What impressed me also were the number of young people, drivers, waiters, hotel staff, who were so excited to meet and show their country. The most impressive part of this trip was Iceland and her greatest aspect, her people.

I look forward to returning. Very pleased and a big thank you to Sofia in her prompt responses to our initial queries. We are truly satisfied customers Special thanks to Audur. She was very helpful and generally prompt in responding to email inquires. I was amazed at how extensive, comprehensive and helpful all of the written materials were to a successful trip. All of the accommodations were very good. I booked my trip through Nordic Visitor based on reviews on the web.

So I wasn't sure how it will turn out. But your team knocked it out of the park. Your service and attention to detail was remarkable. It was a wonderful experience, can't really say enough.

Everything was much better than I had expected. Every aspect of the trip worked out very smoothly. This was my first visit to Norway and I relied entirely on Nordic Visitor to help me figure out an itinerary and to book transport and hotels. I was very pleased with every aspect of the trip and I would be happy to use Nordic Visitor again.

Fletching Jigs/Adapters

I've already started recommending you. This trip was fantastic. I can't imagine it having gone any better.